How do I know if I have found "the one"?

Trying on wedding gowns can be a different experience for Brides.  One thing is for sure, all Brides are nervous about trying on gowns and possibly picking the wrong gown.  Some Brides have been waiting for this moment their whole lives and can envision what they wanted to wear from the time they were a little girl.  Some Brides are so happy to have found their life partner, but have anxiety about wearing a gown because in "real life" they would consider themselves not girly!  

There is a gown out there for both of these women!  All Brides just have to be patient and open to the experience.  Having an idea of what you want can get you started on this journey, but being open to anything really helps!  

When you find the gown you should wear on your wedding day, you will not want to take it off.  You will find yourself twirling in it, walking in it, touching the fabric and smiling like you did when you got engaged.  If you see yourself in the mirror doing these things, take a moment to cherish that feeling, because that is it.  You may not cry or you may.  You may need to step back, look at pictures of yourself in the gown to confirm your feelings.  Don't be afraid of that moment.  It is ok to not put on another gown and pick the gown.  You can spend days or even weeks trying on 10's of gowns and never have that feeling again.  More than anything, that can create even more confusion.

As a new Bridal Shop owner, I can say that if something is not perfect about a gown, it is ok to keep shopping.  As a Boutique owner, you try your best to have a selection of gowns that will appeal to all different kinds of Brides, but the reality is that sometimes the gowns we have are missing something - and that is ok.  No Bridal Consultant should ever pressure you to buy something you don't LOVE.  That being said, if your Bridal Consultant knows it is the one for you based on your reaction, trust her or him.  Their job is to help you narrow down your choices and get you to that place of being sure. Eventually, you have to make that decision and stop shopping.  That being said, don't settle for anything less than what you want.  This is a big purchase and should not be taken lightly.  It is also the one item in pictures that you will look back on and think either, "I felt so beautiful that day and don't regret that gown decision at all" or "Why did I pick that gown? What was I thinking?."  

My hope is that Brides that come to Casa Bianca Bridal will have a fun and memorable experience trying on gowns and walk away with the utmost confidence that the one they picked is the gown of their dreams!