Sheri’s Story

Sheri Kaiser began her career as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and maintains her Registered Nurse license to this day.  She transitioned to the Insurance industry after having her first 3 children to have better work life balance (no more overnight and holiday shifts)!  She was fortunate to have been promoted into Leadership from her nursing role where she managed large business teams for over 8 years.  Sheri loved her work and leading others, but had a strong desire to take all she had learned about the customer experience and live her dream of opening her own bridal boutique.  In this fast-paced world today, our dreams can often be pushed to the side in leu of the day to day grind.  Sheri recognized that this precious life is short and it was time to bring to her dreams to reality.  With the loving support of her husband, her four children and her parents, Sheri’s dream has become a reality. 



She truly believes that Brides and their families deserve to have their dreams become a reality as well by slowing down and taking a moment to enjoy what can otherwise be a stressful event.  She recognizes after working in other bridal salons, that there is often chaos, anxiety, overwhelm and a decreased focus on the individual special experience.  Sheri hopes that the concept of Casa Bianca Bridal will bring that focus back to the Bride and her alone.  Giving her peace of mind and the ability to make the right gown choice without all of the noise, the confusion and have fun doing it.