How far in advance should I shop for my wedding gown? 

This is truly by personal preference.  It can be very stressful to wait until the last minute as most gowns take at a minimum of 14 weeks to arrive once ordered and with a rush fee involved if delayed to long. Often times Brides are worried that they will change their mind if they purchase their gowns several months if not a year before their special day. If it is the right gown, this should never be the reason to not make a decision when the gown is the right one. If it is the gown, it will always be the gown.


What are the typical prices of your gowns? 

Bridal gowns at Casa Bianca Bridal range from $737 to $2925.  The average gown price is $1200. All Mother of the Bride/Groom gowns are currently on sale for 20% off as we are discontinuing this line.  We also have samples continually on sale and those are also 20%.


Who should I bring to my appointment with me? 

Unlike most small boutiques in the Denver/Metro area, we have no limit on the number of people that can be in attendance. However, we do recommend that you bring those that you feel are an important part of your decision-making process (Dad’s and Fiance’s included!). As hard as it sometimes can be, limiting the appointment to those that you know are supportive, positive (yet honest), and truly there for you can be a critical piece to ensuring that you have fun! As noted earlier, small children can make it difficult to focus on the Bride, but again this is at the Brides discretion.  We do ask that if there are small children in attendance that they are consistently supervised and not allowed to wander throughout the boutique as there are delicate pieces of jewelry and glass that can hurt small children if broken. 

What sizes of gowns do you carry? 

We carry sample sizes ranging from size 6 to size 20. Designers makes Bridal gowns in sizes 2 through 28, so we can order any gown in any size necessary.  Also, the designers we work with will add length to gowns or take it away during the production process to potentially reduce the need to hem your gown.


What colors or other modifications can be made to your gowns? 

If you select a gown from Moonlight Bridal/Val Stefani you will be able to modify their gowns to suit the needs (adding sleeves, adding train length, etc) of the bride (for a small fee). Most of the gowns come in Ivory or White and many have a contrasting color of Taupe, Gold, Nude or Cashmere (very light blush). You can add sleeves or straps to most any gown that we carry. It never hurts to ask the designer about any modification desired. The designer is a phone call away for any modifications we would like to discuss.


Do I need to do alterations? 

Most Brides will need some alterations to their wedding gown as this truly is the most custom garment you will ever wear.  We will do our best to ensure that we order the right size gown to start with to ease as much of that cost as possible. Many brides plan on their bodies changing before their wedding day! Please know that this will impact the cost of the alterations significantly and may even change the fundamental look of your gown. So ordering the correct size from the beginning is a critical piece to this.  You are welcome to take your gown to an alterations expert of your own. However, once your gown arrives, we will provide you with a contact list of preferred alterations experts that we recommend.




have more questions?

We are happy to help. Feel free to call us at the boutique or drop us an email. Ciao.

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