It's your wedding and you can wear what you want to!

Once you pick your venue, gown shopping should be close to next on your list.  There are gowns that "seem" more appropriate for certain venues.  For an evening, black tie wedding, a ballgown with beading may fit.  For a daytime, garden wedding, lace might be a good choice.  A beach destination wedding may have a gown selection that would be airy and light.  If you are a "casual" bride, a tea length dress may work best.  Have you heard all of these suggestions?  Maybe read them online or in a bridal magazine?

The truth is that the bridal gown you select should be the gown of your dreams and that you feel most beautiful in.  Ok, perhaps you may not want to wear a heavy lace long sleeve ballgown on the beach, but I am guessing if that is the type of wedding you desire, this wouldn't be the gown of your dreams to begin with!  

No one can or should tell you what gown is best for you.  Only you can decide that.  If you want to wear an embellished mermaid gown to your outdoor wedding in a garden, do it!  If you want to wear a plain sheath gown with some fantastic jewelry and no veil to your evening affair, do it!  The truth is that if you wear the gown that makes you feel the most special, where you pull your shoulders back and smile with pride - your guests, family and most of all your partner won't be thinking, "Why did she pick that gown?  It doesn't match this venue at all?"  

When you feel your best and wear the gown that you feel most special in it won't matter if you get married at city hall!  You need to pick the gown that knocks your socks off and everyone else will feel the same because they will see your wedding glow - so wear whatever you want to!