Why do I like Moonlight Bridal so much???

As I started the work of selecting a gown designer back in the Spring, I came across Moonlight Bridal.  Working with their staff was a joy from the very beginning.  They were very responsive and helpful with any issues, questions, or requests I made.  What I came to realize was that this was unique and made them stand out to me. That then translated into what I could expect when I actually started ordering gowns for Brides.  If they were this kind and compassionate to me, they most certainly would be when it really matters - for the Brides.  

Moonlight Bridal and Val Stefani (sister companies) are not found at many bridal boutiques in Colorado.  This will truly allow Brides to not see thei gown on another Bride.  After receiving the gowns  and seeing how beautifully crafted they are, I want to insure that more Colorado Brides experience them for themselves!  When I spoke to other Bridal Salons in places like Dallas and Kansas City, they noted that Moonlight is by far the best design house to work with from a flexibility and service standpoint.  They also consistently expressed that the gown quality was top notch (which I can definitely attest to!)

The other question I get frequently, is how did you pick the gown styles you have in the store.  There are so many beautiful gowns to pick from.  First I had friends and family look at the gowns available and gathered their opinions.  If there was consistency in what they liked, then my hope was that actual Brides would too.  Even better, once I selected gowns from all 4 of Moonlights Collections (each collection has a personality all its own), my partner at Moonlight walked me through each and every gown I picked.  He helped me to select the right color and size for each sample gown to make sure that I have fits for all body types and a variety of colors to suit any Brides skin tone or desire.  If I picked something he thought was not one of their best, he said it!  Then he would promptly recommend what he thought was a better gown.  The honesty and transparency could not be matched and made me feel like the gown selection I have for Brides is of the highest quality.  

If you haven't seen or heard of Moonlight Bridal, take time to check out their website www.moonlightbridal.com or see some of their gowns on my website or in store.  You won't be disappointed!