My first bride...

This week has been so exciting and long awaited!  I officially opened my doors on August 1st.  My intent was to give it about 2 weeks before I would be dressing brides in gowns.  I even stated on my website that the first appointments would not be until August 11th.  Much to my surprise, Molly, my first bride walked in the doors with her lovely Mom and Sister about 2 hours after I opened the doors!   I was so excited that she was ready to try on some gowns as I have been dreaming of that moment from December 28, 2016 when I first incorporated Casa Bianca Bridal. 

Molly was truly ready to try on gowns and open to anything!  When she put on the gown she loved - I think she knew right away.  She didn't think she would have the moment we all dream of.  The first time she tried on gowns, she just didn't have that moment.  I told her that when it is really the one, whether at my store or another, she will know.  The one where we tear up because we can see ourselves walking to our partner and feeling amazing doing it.  

Molly had that moment and what an honor to see her have it.  That - that moment right there is why I dreamt of opening a bridal boutique.  Seeing a woman have that feeling is the most rewarding and gratifying because she feels good.  Too often we as women don't feel that.  We are critical of ourselves in various ways.  There is nothing better than seeing a remarkable woman feel genuinely beautiful and amazing!  Thank you Molly for letting me be a part of that.  

In week one, I had 2 brides walk in and try on gowns, 4 appointments made and hundreds of conversations with community members just curious about the boutique.  This is so exciting and I cannot wait to continue to have more memory making moments with Colorado Bride's (and maybe shed a few joyful tears too!).