Don't be afraid of the mermaid!

Often times I have seen Brides hesitate to show off their curvy figures in a mermaid gown.  They believe that by selecting a ballgown, they will hide their bottom and hips.  When you wear a ballgown with a curvy figure, it can actually do the opposite.  Not to say that there are not ballgowns with a drop waist that can create a beautiful curve to the body.  An A-line would be a better choice if a bride is not comfortable in a fitted gown as it has less bulk to the skirt allowing the skirt to skim the body showing your figure.

A mermaid gown is exactly what the curvy bride needs.  It accentuates the curves in the perfect way and creates balance throughout your figure (from your neckline to the knees).  Some of the most beautiful gowns I have selected and received for Casa Bianca Bridal are mermaid selections. 

I attached a picture of one of my favorites.  It has a keyhole back, corded lace that is tiered and has modest coverage in the front neckline.  Remember to not limit yourself to one style because you believe that is the only one that will work for your body. Allow your stylist to take a risk and put you in something you would never expect! You may just be surprised and find your dream gown!

Sheri KaiserComment