Why Casa Bianca Bridal?

With only a week left to go before I open, the volume of community members stopping by my boutique has increased dramatically!  Maybe it is the lace tiered mermaid wedding gown in the window or perhaps the new facade and blade sign drawing people closer.  Either way, it sure is fun to talk to people about the vision for the boutique.  It is nerve-racking to decide on a business model that is non-existent in the Denver area. Do brides really want a private shopping experience?  Will they like the interior design of the space and will it deliver on the promises I am making?  Will anyone actually come to the boutique or how will they even know it exists?  

Why did I name the boutique Casa Bianca Bridal? As I was coming up with a name, I wanted my Italian heritage somewhere. Whenever I think of memories in my life that have stuck, they revolve around my family and the environment that was created as a child.  "Casa" is all about Home and that is how I hope all of my Brides and their families feel in the boutique - at home. "Bianca" is white in Italian.  Although white bridal gowns are not as popular today with most brides opting for Ivory or Champagne tones, most of us still identify bridal with the color white.  

If you happen to be in Downtown Littleton, stop by!  So many people hesitate to walk in to the boutique (probably because they have an ice cream cone in hand from Inside Scoop next door)!  If you know anyone who is getting married - please send them my way! Thank you all for your support!