"Dreams can come true..."

As I sit here less than a month away from opening Casa Bianca Bridal, I can't help but be a little nervous.  It is really happening and each day that goes by reminds me that I am really doing this. Have you ever had that moment where you have visualized something happening in your life and then it actually happens?  Will the dreams meet the reality (hopefully exceed them)?  

Some of the fears I have are that no one will know about the Boutique, that I haven't selected the gowns that today's brides are looking for, or that the promises I make won't be fulfilled.  That being said, I am in control of all of those things unlike when I worked for a large organization. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to do this.  If no one knows about the Boutique, that is my fault and I need to hit the pavement to make sure that Brides and their families know that I exist to serve them.  If I picked the wrong gowns, I can order new ones that meet the needs of Colorado's brides.  Lastly, I can make decisions swiftly to make things right without having hours worth of meetings to make a decision (many of you will relate to that in the corporate world).  

On the home page of this website, are some fundamental philosophy's that I have about Casa Bianca Bridal and I mention the 5 senses.  Memories are made for all of us when we remember something that touched one of our 5 senses.  However you best make memories, I hope to provide one or more of those when you enter Casa Bianca Bridal.  Whether it is the home like environment of the boutique, the smell of a certain candle or soap, or the sounds of Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble'.  This experience should be one that you will remember again because one of those senses will be engaged.  

If you are getting married or you know someone that is, please consider visiting us and allowing us to help you live out your dream of what your perfect gown will be!

Sheri KaiserComment