How much is too much for a wedding gown?

An article that was published in the Knot (click on the title of this blog to read) today triggered my feelings about the cost of wedding gowns today.  Perhaps as a bridal shop owner, this topic would be off limits!  I believe that whatever your budget may be, you should have a wonderful experience shopping for your gown.  You should feel like a VIP whether you pay $500 for your gown or $3000.  

I feel fortunate to have found a designer that I believe is well priced and more importantly has the quality that I was looking for in a gown.  I would not want any gowns in my boutique that look or feel cheap and you will not find that here.  The average gown price at Casa Bianca Bridal is $1600.  According to the study by The Wedding Report and published in the Knot, $1564 was the national average spent on a wedding gown in 2016.  Whew!  I was hopeful that the gowns I selected would truly be in the price range that brides are looking for.  

Is there ever a scenerio where a gown should be $5,000 or more? I think that it depends on who makes the gown and the materials/time used to construct it.  If you have the budget for this price point, I say go for it.  However, I am a big believer that there are absolutely stunning gowns well below that price point and I am 100% sure that your guests would never be able to estimate what you paid for your gown based on what they see.  You are the only one who should know or will know what you paid - and it really does not matter.  What matters is how you feel in it and that it was in your budget.  

Stay in your budget, buy a gown that is made well and feels good, and from a boutique that you feel a connection with because that relationship will follow with you until your wedding day!