Why is every bride at Casa Bianca Bridal a "VIP"?

Do you ever really stop to think about the definition of a VIP or a VIB?  A VIP is a very important person; a person who is treated better than ordinary people because they are famous, influential or important.  Some bridal boutiques use this with VIB - a very important bride.  

Isn't every single bride a very important person?  When I decided to open my own bridal boutique, I could not get past the notion that some brides are more important than others.  How could that be?  That if you pay a fee (that may or may not be applied to a gown if you find one) for a "VIP or VIB appointment" the service is better, the experience private, you may get a glass of champagne....etc.  

At Casa Bianca Bridal Boutique, every bride has a private appointment with her family and friends.  She can bring as few or as many guests as she would like.  She can have water, coffee, tea, mimosas, or champagne without paying for it.  Being treated like a "very important person" should be the expectation of every bride - because she is a very important person.